Music, performance, releases

Recordings and compositions

Tempus Fugit: with Derek Pascoe  2020 // album here

Quarters – composed for snare and saxophone // album here

Without for String Quartet, premiered by Zephyr Quartet in Adelaide, 2019 // score here

Knock Mark Stitch: New York – Panoply Performance Lab. // Excerpt here

Knock Mark Stitch; contribution in Institution is a Verb

Knock Mark Stitch for handbells and chimes 2018 // album here // score here

4418 for trombone and bowed cymbal, premiered at Erit Satis concert, Adelaide 2014.

Ocarinas – for bespoke ocarinas, premiered by Melanie Walters and Nathan Cummins at Erit Satis concert, Adelaide 2014.

Parallel Lines – for music box and sampling 2015.

IfThen for pressure sensitive floors 2015.

Sine waves, for SuperCollider and pressure-sensitive floors

Wind: Video by Setare S. Arashloo, audio by Iran Sanad

Moon Shine: Video by Setare S. Arashloo, audio by Iran Sanad

Selected Performances

Nomos, with David Moran @ COMA: Adelaide -the Wheatsheaf Hotel

Collaborative commission performance, with Parvyn Singh, Rachel Johnston, Erkki Veltheim – Adelaide – Nexus Arts Centre

Soot performance: Tehran, Azad Art Gallery // Excerpt here

Iran and Friends @ COMA, Adelaide – the Wheatsheaf Hotel.

Double Bill: Adelaide – Tenth and Gibson

Body Sonata: Adelaide – Tenth and Gibson