Past work and reviews

Reviews of previous performance:

“Sanadzadeh’s If/Then is thus about exploring a range of possible actions with indeterminate outcomes, suggesting the influence of John Cage. And as well as demonstrating and extending Cullen’s original idea of reversing the relationship between movement and sound, Sanadzadeh’s concept also inevitably speaks of the new era of electronic surveillance and prosthetic technology.”

Double Bill – Adelaide, Tenth and Gibson 

“The audience was a large cross section from younger to their elders, from classical and jazz aficionados to people keen on pop, folk, rock… and there were samplings of many things familiar to us all, but all in exploration of the theme, and understandable so to us all. As well as the combination of various sound styles, there were also multicultural leanings, in sounds and dance, which all added to the effects (of both chaos and order).”

Knock Mark Stitch – Adelaide, Nexus Arts Centre

“Iran Sanadzadeh’s contribution was particularly notable as the image on her laptop screen was projected adjacent to the archival film of the 1968 Paris riots. The audience could see her typing text in both English and Arabic [sic] during her ensemble’s rendition of Unbegrenzt, highlighting the concept of textual meaning and its translation sonically, visually and culturally. “

Stockhausen group performance – Adelaide, Scott Theatre – University of Adelaide

Past events and other mentions:

Life-changing listening for RealTime: 1999-2017

Knock Mark Stitch performance in New York – Panoply Performance Lab.

Soot performance in Tehran – Azad Art Gallery