The BAIT floors were made as part-replicas of Vernus floors (1972). They each have a sensor and are highly sensitive to changes in pressure. They are designed as a tangram puzzle set, and in the square formation are 2m x 2m in dimension.

In 2015, this instrument designed and submitted along with a SuperCollider-based synthesiser as a part of an Honours Degree of a Bachelor of Music (Sonic Arts). The material and development is collected in the thesis.

BAIT floors were designed in collaboration with and built by Mold Design Studio. Project was partly funded by University of Adelaide, and received extra funding from Helpmann Academy for performances and conference presentation at MOCO 2015.

The video of the first live performance, featuring dancers from the Australian Dance Theatre, can be found here.

The floors were a part of a collaborative performance in 2018 at the Nexus Arts Centre  with Parvyn Singh, Rachel Johnston and Erkki Veltheim.