Dedications follows authors where they are often ignored. In a collection of acknowledgments and dedications from a range of books, collected and curated in a two-year effort, this book traces the personal relationships between authors and their loved ones, their community, and the posterity they imagined would benefit from their work. It examines the joy, loss, and love authors feel when they dedicate a book.

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Dedications do not often gather attention from the audience. When the person to whom the book is dedicated has already passed, or is a stranger, the emotion embedded in the dedication page has no road to travel and is always in limbo, on its way to a reader that will never find it. This book carries these ghostly feelings in a short collection, inspiring introspection from the reader and giving a moment to all the lost loved ones of the scribblers I came across. This collection itself betrays Iran’s own reading sphere during the years of creating it; those years were filled with battles won and lost and many ghosts betrayed.